An Electrifying Video For The CellBlock13 Asylum Collection

To go along with the new, incredibly hot Asylum Collection from CellBlock 13, the brand released a video promoting the looks in an electrifying way!

The Insanely Hot CellBlock 13 Asylum Collection

The collection comes in three styles, a jock brief, lace up trunk and long chap in dark colors with pops of contrasting red and yellow colors. Fashioned after the popular fetish item that was widely admired in the ’50s, CellBlock 13 is on a mission to bring it back! The Asylum collection also has matching socks, so you can stand up in full fetish gear.

The video shows the hot, hairy, and beefy model Adam Russo, sporting the three different styles of underwear. Mostly shot in black and white, the bolts of lighting highlight the colors found in the collection. Adam also wears a few harnesses as an example of how the chaps inspired underwear can be matched up with other fetish gear.

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For more information on the brand: CellBlock 13

Video Credit: Cellblock 13

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