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Baskit Ribbed Jock Brief

jpegEditor’s Pick: Tani Free Cut Micro Modal Air Trunk – black ($45)

Why We Love It: Tani’s products look as luxurious as they feel, and the cut of this trunk gives it a beautifully refined finish. The brand’s knit is sheered off to prevent the material from riding or rolling. This eliminates the need for bindings around the legs, and allows for the trunk to be virtually invisible under the tightest pants you own.

Made from a material blend that is 89% Micro Modal® Air and 11% elastane, this trunk also has natural moisture wicking properties that make them versatile enough for any given day.

Why It’s Our Editor’s Pick: Existing as a luxury brand, Tani has a knack for being elegant and tastefully simple. This trunk from their Free Cut Collection is no exception. Staying true to Tani’s aesthetic and standards, the sleek black trunk is about as regal as an underwear “basic” can get. The polished design is also a definite plus, especially with the contouring and Jacquard waistband.

How We’d Wear It: Under our favorite pair of jeans. And while they’re ideal for all-day comfort, we’d save them for special occasions, when we’re pulling out all our fashion stops.

Other Favorites: Air Fitness Contrast Boxer Brief  ($45), Everyday SilkTouch Simple Brief ($40)

When do you wear your favorite Tani looks? Is there a collection you keep going back to? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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