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The Junk Underjeans Brief Update

jpeg-3Editor’s Pick: Renegade Lace-Up Jock Trunk – white ($39)

Why We Love It: CellBlock 13 has always stood strong and proud on the sexier side of athletic-style underwear. Whether the underwear is designed for performance or not, there is also something sporty to the brand’s products. And then sprinting from that athletic base, there is usually some sort of detail or feature that makes the pair sexy and shamelessly bold.

This jock trunk from the Renegade Collection is no exception, and in a second, registers as something from CellBlock 13. It’s more devious than dashing, and its triple-threat of alluring design features never hinders the jock trunk’s fit or performance capabilities.

Why It’s Our Editor’s Pick: The Renegade Lace-Up Jock Trunk has a lot of things going for it. The white look in particular is our favorite color option, giving off a searing white heat with its black and red contrasts. There is also the lace-up front, something we knew our Editor’s Pick for CellBlock 13 would have. We like it for appearances more than function. Even without it, the jock trunk style is unique enough to make a lasting impression.

How We’d Wear It: We’d wear this jock trunk at the gym, especially on weight-intensive days. We’d also wear it to clean around the house, giving our roommates a little eye candy.

Other Favorites: Enforcer Jock Brief ($24), Fugitive Short ($38)

What do you think sets CellBlock 13 apart from other underwear brands? Do they have a look you would’ve chosen over the Renegade Lace-Up Jock Trunk? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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