DirtyFit Underwear: Get Sexified, Davey Wavey Style

Davey Wavey is on a mission to make the world a sexier place. Of course, we already knew that after binge watching
his Youtube channel — which occasionally delves into fitness, confidence, and LGBT perspectives. But as Davey
himself points out, beauty still comes from within, and underwear is cheaper than therapy. Like so many others, Davey was through with mediocre products, and after a year and a half, launched his own brand. DirtyFit Apparel, welcome to the world.

1You already know Davey Wavey, or at least you’d recognize his totally yummy chest and smile from miles away. They make him hard to say “no” to, which is beneficial considering the brand is still getting off the ground and needs your financial support.

“As it turns out, creating the world’s best underwear isn’t cheap,” Davey says in his Kickstarter promo vid. “And I didn’t want to bring in investors because money people try and cut corners to make a profit. So to them, I say this…” At this point, Davey proceeds to show the camera both of his middle fingers. “What I want is to create the best underwear in the world without making any compromises.”

Designed entirely in Los Angeles, DirtyFit underwear is made from a unique, soft performance fabric that is cross-functional, also designed here in the States by an American mill — meaning each pair is made under fair labor
practices. And while that can bring you peace of mind, other aspects of DirtyFit underwear are all about Davey’s initial mission: a sexier world.

DirtyFit underwear (and Davey Wavey himself) are looking out for your penis. Brining their own form of support and
enhancement to below your waistline, Davey’s undies are designed with a distinctive PenisPouch technology. Davey2 explains it best when telling us it “makes your dick look really big.” And to “cradle your crotch in comfort,” the design is finished with fashionable flatlock seams.

But as sexy as all of that is, one of the best things about DirtyFit underwear is, well, the fit. Watching the Kickstarter promo, you see how the PenisPouch gives you more support than your closest friend could ever hope to. And the American-made performance material? It wraps around the rear and stays in place on the legs, both giving any man with a little muscle a deliciously sexy silhouette.

Originally, DirtyFit Apparel set out to crowdfund $10,000. That goal has already been met and exceeded, and will continue to be surpassed until the Kickstarter closes at the end of the month. And here are more benefits to pledging than being one of the first to rock DirtyFit underwear. Scatch Davey’s back and he’ll return give you something in return.

A $5 pledge gets you a sticker. $50 also gets you a sticker, one pair of underwear, and a signed a picture of Davey modeling a DirtyFit look. The highest prize is given to backers who pledge more than $10,000. What does that get you? A personal meet and greet with Davey Wavey in your hometown, three pairs of underwear, a limited edition hat, a signed picture, and a sticker. Davey will also follow you on Instagram for a year and send you a personal video recording. Also, shipping is guaranteed to be delivered by Dec. 24 for the first 1,000 pledges.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your penis or your boyfriend’s, DirtyFit is there to sexify you, and lift up more than your spirits. And if there is a penis in your life that you’re passionate about, Davey’s line of underwear would make a great gift for whomever it’s attached to, whether it’s yours or someone else’s.

Are you an avid fan of Davey Wavey who would die for a chance at meeting him? Do you plan on pledging to his cause? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this Kickstarter: DirtyFit

Photo/Video Credit: DirtyFit


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