Calvin Klein Spring 2015 Presentation

The Calvin Klein white label lines are all about blending the contemporary and elegant with the athletic. Using splashy colors and bold waistbands, the upcoming Calvin Klein Intense Power Collection strikes that perfect chord. And it holds the note, from exciting apparel trends to playfully bold swimwear.

The Calvin Klein white label is, in many ways, a revival of this current year’s trends. But there are a few twists of course, such as the more rudimentary colors used for the underwear styles. 2014 would largely have these colors a little softer, or slightly muted, leaving the color to burn bright and cool. 2015 is more to the point. The red here is a true red, not unlike the Crayon color, or cards used to teach children color names. The same goes for the chosen hue of blue — strikingly even and, because of that, commanding. The white label underwear also offers touches of sophistication. A little closer to last year (because they will forever be in-style), the white label also includes refined black styles with the same dominant waistbands.

The Calvin Klein Intense Power Collection is the “key launch of the season,” and comes in the brand’s micro and cotton stretch fabrics. And for a third option, the collection is also designed with a new mesh air fx material. Technical fibers keep you cool. But what about the Calvin Klein white label’s underwear is the coolest? It’s hard to say. So until Spring 2015, we’ll sit in the biting cold imagining the Calvin Klein white label being worn in the bright springtime.

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Photo Credit: Zach Payne, exclusively for The Underwear Expert


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