Are You Bold Enough To Support Shrine Boxers’ Kickstarter?

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Based out of San Diego, California, Shrine Boxers is the newest men’s underwear brand to hit the market — and they want your help! Today, the brand is launching their Kickstarter to help jumpstart the two year project of creating boxers and boxer briefs that are built for the man who does it all.

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Nobody wants boring, plain underwear anymore and Shrine Boxers is pushing the envelope in design and construction. “[I’m] confident that Shrine has created bold underwear for BOLD men,” says creator, Rob Leuffen. “[I’m] excited to see what waistband style will be voted into production by our Kickstarter backers.”

The underwear is engineered with a focus on six different aspects. Number one is comfort, which is reached with a “super-soft, breathable, moisture-wicking micro-mesh fiber and velvety waistband.” Next is performance, where the underwear is created so it will never ride up. The third focus is heat management, done with help from the moisture wicking micro-mesh fabric. Practically is next, where the best of three different styles of underwear is infused into one. Even further is supreme comfort, where the construction of the pouch steps in. Last but not least is style. Shrine Boxers uses bold design AND it is the first brand to use crowdsourcing for its waistband, meaning you have the opportunity to design your very own underwear. Rather than putting their logo on the band, Shrine leaves the look up to you. You’re the one wearing it, after all — which makes you Shrine’s biggest priority.

Of course with any great Kickstarter, Shrine is offering up some awesome rewards. Every donation allows you to vote for the next style in the Shrine Boxers collection, and the higher backer amounts the more Shrine swag you get! Help make underwear history by backing Shrine Boxers and get your hands on this great underwear!

Ready to back Shrine? Let us know what your favorite function of the underwear is by leaving a comment below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

Check the KICKSTARTER page out to learn more and to directly back the project!

For more information on the brand: Shrine Boxers

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