Betones AKER Collection Brings The Bold

The Betones AKER Collection of boxers ($25) comes in four different colors and is designed to be minimal and functional. Made from a moisture wicking material blend (Nylon 92%, Polyurethane 8%), the boxers are highly elastic for an easy breezy fit you’ll love yo forget about. Plus, the fit looks even better thanks to the minimal use of seams in the design. The only problem is that AKER Collection is unisex. Basically, all your friends will want to steal them.

The AKER print is a much more interesting take on solid stripes. The designs features two thicker stripes in the center where the look’s main pop of color of hit. With the exception of the blue/pink color option, these bold, colored stripes are bordered by thinner black ones. The Betones brand name on the waistband is also done in black on these looks. For the blue/pink look, the thin strips and brand name are in blue.

The Betones AKER Collection is available in sizes S-L.

Which of the stripes does the most for you? Do you prefer Betones’ more simplistic styles over their wild patterns? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Betones

Photo Credit: Betones

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