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Picking from the best of Bodyaware’s stylish and daring sides, we’ve singled out the brand’s hottest, most surefire underwear looks for a night out. Thanks to the materials and cuts, these undies are guaranteed to, at the very least, bring a few lingering glances your way. Whether you let them peek from behind your pants, or you ditch the pants to become a go-go boy for a song, these are pairs you’ll be begging to get caught in.

Whether you plan on hitting up your favorite dive bar or dancing with strangers on a dance floor, Bodyaware has something to get you walking in with maximum confidence. Some of our picks are more dive bar, some are more club, and some are great for those wild all-nighters.

Either way, our best of Bodyaware list ranges from looks that keep you covered to ones made to be taken off. And there are, of course, a few lace looks. We’re looking at you, sexy men secure in his masculinity, or proud of his femininity. Those lace briefs are for you.

Do you have a special pair of underwear reserved for nights on the prowl? What Bodyaware style would you take to the dance floor? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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