Ask The Expert: Pouches, And More Pouches

Gregg Homme Treasure

An underwear pouch’s fit is as important, like making sure the shoe fits. It has to keep everything in place, provide support, and most of all, it has to be super comfortable. There are several options when it comes to pouches. You have your vertical fly, horizontal fly, contour pouch, closed pouch, enlarging pouches, etc. The options can seem endless though, leaving you in a guessing game. Before you spend money on the perfect pair, spend time finding your perfect fit.

The Underwear Expert is here to help. We made it our mission to narrow it down for you in this installment of “Ask The Expert.” This time, we help guide three lost souls to their perfect pouch match. Read below for this “Ask The Expert: Pouches, And More Pouches.” You might learn something along the way.

Landon from Salt Lake City, Utah – Hey Underwear Expert! I’ve been trying to up my underwear game lately, and have been seeing some great trends from your website. I was wondering what the hottest trend was right now, and what brands I can start rocking? I’m open to all suggestions, but mostly go for a sporty, but conservative look.

The Underwear Expert  Thanks for the question Landon! There is so much happening in men’s underwear right now that it’s hard to narrow it down. But, one thing we know for sure is mesh is currently trending, and is probably here to stay. Mesh is in and we want to see you in it! Mesh underwear even has its own list of benefits, especially in the pouch area.

Since you mentioned you were more into sporty underwear, it’s perfect for fitness performance. The perforated pouch ventilates sweat buildup and odor. Mesh’s breathability also keeps your package cool. Mesh is also just very sexy. It feels great on you, it looks great, and others always appreciate it. We have three levels of mesh pouch underwear we want to recommend to you, starting from a more conservative look and filtering down to some seriously sexy mesh undies.

PUMP! Spring Fling Jogger – This is your go to athletic mesh pouch look! PUMP! has some of the hottest men’s underwear on the market right now, and it keeps in style with its color combinations. More importantly, Pump! loves to play around with mesh fabric. The Spring Fling Jogger features a mesh pouch that keeps everything comfortable during intense workouts. The cute and blue and yellow is eye-catching too, another plus.

Andrew Christian Trophy Boy Gigolo Brief – Andrew Christian knows a thing or two about mesh, and the new Trophy Boy Gigolo Brief has a very nice and roomy mesh pouch, a window for what lies behind — especially in white. This look, while also gym-friendly, can be worn as a got-to pair. This look will keep your boys clean dirty while you zip through the day.

N2N Net Jock – Now, this look was made more for fun and play! The N2N Net Jock combines a mesh pouch with the back of a jockstrap for your more serious desires. This is the underwear you want to be wearing on a Friday or Saturday night out. The mesh pouch will help everything breath while you’re sweating it out on the dance floor.


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