7 Jocks For The Season: CellBlock 13 Enforcer Jockstrap

cocksox ahoy striped boxer gold

Our list of favorite jockstraps would not be complete with out a jock that falls into the fetish category. Say hi to the CellBlock 13 Enforcer Jockstrap. Wear it and you’ll want to call the shots.

The look of this CellBlock 13 jockstrap shows who’s in charge with its dominating colors and cut. The collection comes in four bold colors — green, red, blue, and orange — all found on the waistband. Every color is designed with a black pouch, and a white and black accenting stripe on the wide elastic waistband. The pouch is made with ribbed material to ensure maximum comfort. And because this is a jock, you don’t have to worry about showing off the back. It’s done for you. A CellBlock 13 patch is also sewn into the center of the waistband, giving it a vintage sporty feel.

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For more information on the brand: CellBlock 13

We gathered our top seven jockstraps of the season, choosing looks from all walks of life. A great jockstrap collection would not be complete without sporty, sexy, fetish, and fun designs. Our round up covered all those bases, and then some. Check out the gallery below for all seven jockstraps in one place!

Photo Credit: Andrew Christian, aussieBum, CellBlock 13, Gregg Homme, N2N, PUMP!, and teamm8.


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