Trailer For Mark MacKillop’s “Rm. XIV”

We’ve been teasing photos of Mark MacKillop in nothing but his underwear for months now, and finally, we get to see what was behind all of the beautiful photos.

Broadway actor MacKillop started taking the hotel room selfies while on tour in Europe with his West Side Story team for an entire year. Hoping to showcase what it’s like to be on the road, the images capture the beautiful essence that MacKillop invokes as a stage actor, as a dancer, and as a person. It’s an intimate dedication, to let those loved ones back home see an inside glimpse of his life on tour, in and out of different spaces.

All of the collected photographs have been gathered into one black and white motif coffee table book titled “RM. XIV.” With the release of the book, half of the proceeds collected will go toward Broadway Cares, an organization dedicated to equality and the fight against HIV/AIDS.

To tease MacKillop’s fans even more, he has created and released a special trailer for the book. Directed by Matt Odgers, the short film was shot at the Standard High Line in New York City and brings the pictures to life. Watch the stunning video below and then tell us what emotions came forward by commenting below o tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Mark MacKillop

Video Credit: Matt Odgers



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