#teampeace, Style Serving With Harmony And Heart

The new #teampeace campaign from teamm8 is all about the largest team there is: the human race. Shot and directed by James Demitri, we’re displayed a message of human interaction and positive relationships. During a time where war and poverty seem all too common, teamm8 brings us a nice reminder of better things. And rather than show us a silver lining, this one is camouflaged or decked in army green through the teamm8 Combat Collection. This new video also serves as a teaser for teamm8’s premier collection of women’s apparel set to launch in 2015. Yeah, we would watch this on a loop over the news any day.

In spite of the central message of peace, the video causes quite the stir. Teamm8’s male models are always gorgeous, and the woman joining our men in the barracks is equally attractive. Our favorite part of the video is easily when she writes “peace” on that hottie’s bare bottom. That being said, we still loved every second. The entire thing is serene is sensual. It almost looks like a music video, but the guys are too militant for that.

Do you own any looks from teamm8’s Combat Collection? Ever written on a hot guy’s butt in Sharpie? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Photo/Video Credit: teamm8

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