teamm8 Mate For October: Nathan Campbell

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We are really impressed by this month’s pick of the crop to be the face of teamm8’s, “Mate Of The Month,” for October. Nathan Campbell, 25, does not only have the body of a god and looks amazing in everything teamm8, but he dedicates his time to teaching high school, promoting healthy lifestyles and living in the present.

Described as a “true blue Aussie” by teamm8, Nathan has a lot going for him and an amazing outlook on life. You can tell that everything this guy does is to be a better person and to influence those around him to do the same.

“We all have a past, we all have made mistakes which can not be taken back or changed. What can be changed is who we become and what we do for the rest of our days. Why shouldn’t we strive to enjoy everyday? Why shouldn’t we be happy or make others happy? We can, and it all comes down to choice. Our life and our future lay in the choices we make and the actions we take,” said Campbell in an interview with teamm8.

We also found out that he is part of a set of triplets and admires his parents tremendously for the job they did raising three children at one time. We’d like to thank them too for raising such a positive man who has already inspired us today, and teamm8 for bringing him onto our radar.

“I also believe that each day we live is a gold medal moment. Love the present and be thankful for things that you have and the endless amounts of opportunity that the day brings,” said Campbell. “Create a burning desire to be happy and make others happy. Our only limitations are those we set up in our mind.”

We could stare at and listen to Nathan talk all day about his daily inspirations and goals. What do you think of teamm8’s choice for the “Mate Of The Month,” October edition? Let us know if you’re team Nathan by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Scott Ehler

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