Mosmann Comfort Collection, Focus On What Matters

With many brands releasing collections full of gimmicks and trying to be fashion forward,we often forget the sole purpose of underwear. The main thing is comfort, and Australian brand Mosmann went back to the roots of men’s underwear with the Mosmann Comfort collection.

This collection takes you back to underwear basics with its fabric blends of either 95% cotton and 5% lycra or 95% modal from cotton and 5% lycra. In either briefs or trunks, this classic collection is made up for solids, stripes and even the newest addition, prints! The Louis style is a solid black with a contrasting red elastic waistband and Mosmann’s name printed on it, or a green body with navy blue waistband. The Duke look comes in a navy blue body with bright green contrasting waistband. In the stripe category there is Huxley, a thin benennton stripe pattern in navy blue and white with a blue waistband. Laike is a thicker striped pattern in red and turquoise, or grey and turquoise. For prints there is the Leroux look which comes in red, blue and grey with a polka dot print. The newest print is the Score, a honeycombed soccer pattern in greens with a yellow waistband.

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The Mosmann Comfort collection is priced between AUD $24.95-$29.95, and is available in sizes S-XL.

For more information on this brand: Mosmann

Photo Credit: Mosmann

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