Long Johns, Keeping You Warm At Night

Fall is officially here, and depending on where you live, the cold isn’t far behind. Long johns will keep you warm at night better than the boy next door. They can be hella comfortable and the perfect campfire companion along with a book and a cup of coffee. When lounging around during the fall and winter, long johns are the best. And by curating our favorite ones, we bring you the best of the best.

Almost all of our favorite long johns come in solid colors, most of which come in perfect fall shades. Björn Borg is one brand that loves to be different though, and pretty wild. Their long underwear looks are anything but basic, rocking bold and bright patterns all the way down the legs.

The N2N Air Skin look could be the lightest of our selections, made from a polyester blend you know feels heavenly as long johns. But one of the best things about the long john looks we’ve seen this year is the variety of colors. Most are navy and black and grey, but we have seen some awesome shades of orange and yellow too. They are much appreciated, and will keep you warmer than most.

Curl up and look through the gallery below to see some of the best long johns to cuddle up in. Do you love getting to wear your long underwear when it gets cold? What do you think makes for the best long johns? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Björn Borg, C-IN2, Cocksox, Jack Adams, N2N, Nasty Pig

Photo Credit: Björn Borg, C-IN2, Cocksox, Jack Adams, N2N, Nasty Pig


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