Juan Salazar, Hung Up On Joe Snyder

As part of his photo shoot with Anibal Velasquez, model Juan Salazar donned Joe Snyder boxers, trunks, and the like. They cover him more than the bikini styles he models, but they never let up on the sex appeal. They rock the same bold, bright, and body-defining fits as many Joe Snyder styles, only here the sexy materials support and frame more of your body.

The shots of Juan on the suspension bridge are our favorite ones, easily. Not only are the images a total feast for the eyes, but Juan looks oh so fine in the Joe Snyder Boxers. As he hangs on to the structure, we see him twist and turn. The Joe Snyder underwear moves with him each time, and fits like a second skin all the way around. Also, we appreciate how the dazzling material catches the light. The material lets Juan’s bulge stand out, nearly as much as the Bulge Bikini did.

Do you like the exotic or urban shots from Juan Salazar’s shoot with Anibal Velasquez? What Joe Snyder underwear style looks the best on him, to you? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Joe Snyder

Photo Credit: Anibal Velasquez

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