Jason Wimberly Is Training Jane Lynch

So Jane Lynch has a pretty awesome life. If you happened to catch her appearance on “The Ellen Show,” you heard her rave about her personal trainer, none other than the gorgeous Jason Wimberly. Some words she uses to describe him: Tender. Aggressive. Fantastic. Wonderful.

Duh Jane, where have you been?

Lynch admits that she seldom sticks it out with her trainers. But she seems to adore training with Jason and has even come to enjoy her work outs with him. We don’t understand how that could be a large hurdle though. If we were lucky enough to have Jason as our trainer, we’d appreciate him in a heart beat, and enjoy every painful and productive second.

Did you already know that Jason toes the line between masculine and feminine? Would you rather he push you hard, or rub your back? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

You can follow Jason on Instagram at @jasonwimberly and @wimberlean.

Video Credit: Wimberlean


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