GO Green Fit: Weighted Box Jumps

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This Instagram video from Go Green shows us more demonstrations of exercises that make for a complete body workout. He starts out with weighted box jumps. This plyometric exercise is made more difficult due to the increased resistance. Go Green holds on to 110 lbs. for eight reps. In the video, you can see that his movements are slow and controlled. This keeps each rep from getting sloppy.

The routine goes on to include squats, deadlifts, wall balls, handstand push-ups, and more. The weighted box jumps are used to bookend the routine and make for good warm ups and cool downs. The most important thing to take from the video, if looking to learn how to properly execute weighted box jumps, is that Go Green steps off the box rather than jumping off.

Are weighted box jumps part of your gym routine? What about other plyometric exercises? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.


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