GO Green Fit: Warm-Up

Your warm-up is an important part of any exercise session, whether it is a quick run outdoors or a power hour spent at the gym. Warming up helps get your mind and muscles in the zone, and can even help to prevent injuries such as sprains. And depending on how you warm up, your pre-workout regimen can work to increase flexibility, balance, and posture.

In the Instagram video, Go Green warms up by demonstrating handstand push-ups and ring exercises. Depending on what your target areas are for the day, you’ll want to warm up different muscle groups. Basic stretching is always a good idea though, especially with cardio. Also, be sure to keep your warm-ups brief. They typically last around 5 minutes.

What exercises or stretches do you stick with when getting ready for a workout? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.


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