GO Green Fit: Squat Snatch

The exercise routine that Go Green demonstrates in this video combines a squat snatch and burpees in a dynamic and rapid set that lasts just five minutes. Every 30 seconds, Go Green does four burpees and a single squat snatch rep lifting 155 lbs. This combination will target your leg muscles the most, but the combined cardio efforts of burpees with the movement of the squat snatch add cardio to this set.

Like a lot of power lifts, squat snatches are good for toning your entire body. By keeping the proper form, your entire body can reap the benefits of a correct squat snatch. In the video, pay attention to how Go Green’s legs move during the squat snatch rep as well as the burpee reps.

Do you combine the same two exercises at the gym? How much can you lift when doing a squat snatch? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.



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