GO Green Fit: Push Press

The push press is one of the most intense moves that works your shoulders. Go Green demonstrates the proper form for them in this video while lifting 175 lbs. Your deltoids will do most of the work during a push press, while your quads and triceps will also take some of the weight. The beginning position for the push press is similar to that of a power clean.

During the upward part of the motion, do your best to keep your core tight and extended. This will help prevent injury and will help you to better use your muscles. You also want to take note of Go Green’s legs during the push press. He does extend very low to the ground, and leaves most of the work for his upper body. The push press is not a squat, so keep that in mind while practicing your reps.

How much can you lift when doing a push press? Do you remember to work your shoulders when you’re at the gym? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.


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