GO Green Fit: Floor Wipers

Jor Daytona Collection

The routine demonstrated by Go Green here is all about the abs. He goes for four sets, each with 20 floor wipers, 15 weighted GHD sit-ups, and 15 weighted V-ups. If you want defined abs, you’ll have to put in cardio and weight time at the gym. Hitting the center of your stomach is the easiest, and can be done with just about every stationary ab machine at the gym. But floor wipers make this routine an efficient one by working your sides.

Burning off fat on the sides of your stomach is difficult. You can’t target the area with cardio, but you can target the muscles there. Floor wipers require strict attention to form. If you do them right, you will feel the strain on your sides pretty quickly. Go Green does the with a barbell in the video, but there are other variations the require no equipment at all. Another good way to get a toned core is to work your hips. Your hip flexors hold a lot of power and are the key to good posture.

How do you work out your abs? Any tips for hitting your sides? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.


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