Get The Look: Quinn Jaxon as Wolverine

Remember when Quinn Jaxon dressed up as Wolverine? He was “Sexy Wolverine,” and his outfit called for a lot of body paint. It’s almost blink-if-you-miss-it, but his abs are too jagged to look over. So if you’ve got the body to pull off an animal’s ferocity, this should be pretty simple. Keep in mind that the claws on the gloves aren’t retractable. If you wear this to a party like Quinn did, try not to slash anyone while dancing with your drink. Actually, don’t try. Just don’t be that guy.

Quinn Jaxon is clearly wearing underwear from 2(X)IST, and we got close to the same pair he wore then. The problem is our underwear body is yellow whereas his was blue. And because most of our body is painted yellow, we’ll probably want blue paint somewhere. Maybe all over our legs? Why the hell not. It’s not like Halloween comes more than once a year.

2(X)IST Electric No-Show Brief: $26
Adult Wolverine claw gloves: $30
Blue body paint: $6.09
Yellow body paint: $6.09
Black body paint: $6.09

Do you think Quinn Jaxon makes a hotter Wolverine than Hugh Jackman? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.


Photo Credit: Quinn Jaxon, Instagram


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