Get The Look: Murray Swanby

Murray Swanby went out looking like the hottest of messes. From that neon bear hood to the trippy skull pants, our boy has a lot going on yet very little on — just like we like him. He’s looking confident and gorgeous, but then again, how could he not? When you are that sexy, it is impossible to be silly. Everyone just wants to take you all too seriously. But that doesn’t stop Murray from trying. That is probably why he went out with some sexy friends.

Andrew Christian Club Hoodie: $52.99
An LED fuzzy bear hood with ears, better than Murray’s: $45, or
Some rinky dink hat that kind of gets the point across: $4
Skull pants: $20
Lisa Frank 6-color pen, 3-pack to color pants: $5
An entourage of friends who are half naked and sexy enough to make you look good, but not so sexy that the guy you’re eyeing checks them out instead of you: Priceless


Do you usually have to throw your Halloween costumes together too? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Murray Swanby, Amazon, Andrew Christian


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