Get The Look: Matt Williams

If you’re having trouble thinking up Halloween costume ideas, it sometimes helps to think of cliques you remember from childhood. Jocks, gangstas, nerds, etc. Matt Williams looks like a skater boy in this snapshot by Joe Lally. And if all skater boys looked like this, we would’ve never said “see you later, boy.” Matt doesn’t need any swag, no bells or whistles. Just some pink plastic with wheels and abs to show off.

2eros V11.20 Signature Swimwear: $49.95 AUD
Red helmet: $23
Shoes with street cred: $75
Board with more street cred: $375

Do skater guys make your heart melt, or are you a skater hater? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.


Photo Credit: Joe Lally, Amazon,


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