Get The Look: Colby Melvin In “Boxers Or Briefs?”

Be honest. If you want to go out as Colby Melvin for Halloween, you may as well tell people you dressed up as a sex symbol.

“Oh, I like your costume. What are you supposed to be?”
“I’m sexy as f****, duh.”

But how exactly would you achieve the desired result? Colby has got himself a gorgeous body that you know must’ve taken hours of exercise and a proper diet. Then there is Colby’s face, which is arguably even more attractive then his body. But if you really want to get Colby’s look from the “Boxers Or Briefs?” series, you’ll need one of our official microphones.

Metallic swim short: $30 
Gym membership and body: +/- $20 and 6 hours per week
That smile: N/A
Those eyes (or blue contacts): $25
TUX microphone: ask nicely

Would you rather go out as Colby Melvin for Halloween, or go out with Colby Melvin? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.


Photo Credit: The Underwear Expert, Amazon


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