Get The Look: Alex Minsky

Now this one is going to be tricky. Alex Minsky is iconic: known for his rockin’ body, sexy tattoos, and — oh yeah, being a hero. Unfortunately, you can’t buy that 1,000 kilowatt smile in stores, so you might have to get a little creative with the rest of your choices. You’re going to need a lot of temporary tattoos, or if you prefer, just have your friends draw on you as the night goes on.

Jack Adams Raw Edge 3.0 Fleece Pant: $49
10 packs of temporary tattoos: $20, or
Fake tattoo sleeves: $10 each
Masculine silver accessory: $175


Would you get real ink in the spirit of Halloween? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwaerexpert.

Photo Credit: Jack Adams, Amazon


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