Cozy Up To Tani: Loungewear And Thermals

Milkman Ribbed Pleasure

Tani’s reputation for the highest quality fabrics sets it apart as a luxury brand. No matter the collection, the material is soft and fine enough to meet the brand’s standards. You imagine sighing when you put on Tani, relieved that your underwear could fit so comfortably. That is why Tani is also one of our favorite brands for loungewear. Their pants and thermals are made with the same attention as their other collections, but styled and cut so you can indulge in the high-class comfort.

The Tani Everyday Silktouch Collection is still one of the brand’s best, capable of retaining its shape and superior softness. The pants we chose are designed with pockets so you don’t need to wear anything else unless you want to. Both of the thermals Tani offers are lightweight and fit close to the body. The materials on both are breathable and will keep you both warm and dry on colder days.

Check out the gallery below for a better look at Tani’s loungewear and thermal selection. Which piece looks the most relaxing and welcoming to you? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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