Cocksox CSX68 Trunk 3-Pack, Battle The Basic

The Cocksox CSX68 Trunk 3-Pack ($90) is one of the best ways to fill your underwear drawer. The trunks have a retro design to them with their white pouches and colored backs. In this particular set, those colors include black, azure blue, and emerald green. The contrast still draws the eye right to the center, every time. The pouch is also designed with a contouring seam, so when they do look, you’ll be looking all good down there.

The CSX68 Trunk is made from a material blend that is 92% supplex and 8% lycra. This gives the trunk a body-hugging fit that remains light and comfortable throughout wear. They dry faster than cotton, and can also wick moisture away from the body. The colors are still what makes this 3-pack so cool. The contrast is done a little bit differently on each color option. And when we can stock up on underwear without getting repetitive, that’s a real treat.

The Cocksox CSX68 Trunk 3-Pack is available in sizes S-XL.

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For more information on this brand: Cocksox

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