Bodyaware Latex Collection, Don’t Think, Kink

The Bodyaware Latex Collection lets you get your freak on in a very “American Horror Story” kind of way. As you’d expect, its a line made entirely of latex. Of course it is coming from Bodyaware, and there are of course several styles to choose from. It starts with underwear such as the Libidex Latex Y-Front ($44.95) and the Libidex Zipper Jock ($54.95). But if you’re really exploring your wild side, you can venture further with the Latex Bodysuit ($84.95) or the Super Tight Latex Jeans ($109.95).

Upping the ante, some of the items in the Bodyaware Latex Collection are designed with a zipper. The Crystal Latex Front-Zip Short ($40) has a zipper that runs from the front to the back, and even comes in a transparent color option for a triple-threat of sexiness. Something especially cool about this set though is that it includes colored latex. You don’t see it all that often. And even when you do, the lights are usually off.

The Bodyaware Latex Collection is available in sizes S-XXL.

Check out the gallery below for a better look at the Bodyaware Latex Collection. Is there a clear winner for the kinky side of your heart? Do you like latex underwear? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Bodyaware

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