Beach Day With Derek Allen Watson – Part II

After spending a day at the beach with model Derek Allen Watson, we decided to extend our trip and do it all over again! We just can’t get enough of this scruffy guy, he’s so much fun to spend time with, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s easy on the eyes either.

Beach Day With Derek Allen Watson Part I

Once again, masterful photographer Gabriel Gastelum was along for the ride to capture every moment under the sun, and those moments Derek least expected. This guy really knows how to rock a swimsuit and underwear. Not just one, but Derek brings multiple pairs along with him, just in case. He starts the day off in the Lucky 7’s orange swim brief from Baskit. Then he switches over to a pair of underwear from Hardhaus, a white pair that is almost see through. The Mack Weldon pair of undies he tries on next were a little to big for him, as a passing wave rips them off his waist. Thank god Gabriel was there to capture that moment. He ends the day in looks from Timoteo, a pair of the Sport 2.0 Super Low briefs and very graphic pair of swim briefs.

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For more information on the model: Derek Allen Watson

Photo Credit: Gabriel Gastelum


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