10 Hottest Tops By Underwear Brands

Thrill-Seeking/Risqué Roundup

Several underwear brands have their paws on more than your most intimate dresser drawer. Many of our favorite brands also put out tops you can pair with their bottoms, or use to start an outfit entirely your own. Some brands have collections of undershirts made from high-end materials. Other brands have tops that are more trendy, maybe even sexy and revealing.

Our selection of the 10 hottest tops by underwear brands is pretty well-rounded. We of course acknowledged Andrew Christian and their innovative, attention-getting designs. We also took the time appreciate our basics done right, with brands such as Derek Rose and Mack Weldon. We narrowed the contenders down so much when curating our list of tops. And it is a good thing too, because all 10 are flattering and cut with style. And because the weather is starting to cool down, we threw a couple of hoodies into the mix.

Check out the gallery below to see our favorite tops from some of our favorite underwear brands. Were you surprised to see any brands on our list? Is there a brand we missed that you go to for more than underwear? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Andrew Christian, aussieBum, Derek Rose, Mack Weldon, N2N, Nasty Pig, teamm8

Photo Credit: Andrew Christian, aussieBum, Derek Rose, Mack Weldon, N2N, Nasty Pig, teamm8


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