Underwear Illustrations, Get A Little Graphic

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illustrated underwear

Color blocking, neutral colors, and pastel tones. Summer neon, stripes, dots, and zig-zags. If only there was a design that incorporated all of them into one unified concept that is fun all around. Oh wait, there is! It’s illustrated underwear.

We’re not talking about pictures of underwear in magazines or online. We’re talking about underwear with illustrations on it. Some of these will be hand-drawn, some will be graphic prints. But regardless of style, all illustrated underwear has some things in common: a unified concept, an image, and a sense of art house pleasure.

We’ve gathered nine brands that all feature pairs of illustrated underwear. Some have one, while others actually feature several. So take a stroll in these and, you know, feel like a kid again.

When is the last time you wore cartoons on your underwear? Ten years ago? Yesterday? Let us know by leaving a comment below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: aussieBum, Baskit, Bjorn Borg, C-IN2, Diesel, Frank Dandy, Muchachomalo, Nasty PigRounderbum


Photo Credits: aussieBum, Bjorn Borg, C-IN2, Diesel, Frank Dandy, Muchachomalo, Nasty Pig, Rounderbum


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