The Underwear Expert Monthly Fetish Underwear Roundup – September

With October coming up, Halloween is right around the corner and the freaks will come out to play! We’re not ones to judge, we enjoy all types of underwear. But this is the perfect opportunity to turn your attention to the latest fetish underwear collections that have been on our radar. Really, we want your freak flag to fly, as long as you’re wearing something from one of these many awesome collections! We may be a bit freakish too, but you’ll have to find out for yourself by taking a look below at our fetish underwear roundup – September.

Andrew Christian has been testing the waters with new scandalous collections of underwear. Some are super meshy, while some barely cover anything. The Almost Naked Gigolo Brief Jock is for the super adventurous, while the Almost Naked Web Thong would be a great hit at your Halloween party. Or, you can go all out with the kinky Bond Collection
aussieBum gets a bit fishy with the Catch Of The Day Collection full of sexy and tantalizing pairs of underwear.  
Body Tech’s Team Collection is for those of you with a athletic fetish, with its lace up details and varsity blue colors. Let your imagination run wild. 
Bodyaware is already a known brand for those with certain kinks and fetishes. Let loose with the Party Animal Collection, let it all hang loose with the Network Collection or flaunt what you have with the Greek God Collection
C-IN2 knowns exactly what gets you off with the H+A+R+D Collection.
Gregg Homme is the master of fetish underwear and we have a whole new collection to look forward to this season, starting with the Showoff Collection.
Marco Marco is gearing up for the October with the release of the Halloween Collection. Let it inspire you to get into some trouble this year. 
Timoteo knowns that some people’s fetishes goes further than just underwear, and that is why the continue to give us some of the hottest singlets, like the Take Down Singlet.

For more information on the brands: Andrew Christian, aussieBum, Body Tech, Bodyaware, C-IN2, Gregg Homme, Marco Marco, and Timoteo.

Photo Credit: Andrew Christian, Bodyaware, Gregg Homme, Timoteo, and Body Tech.


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