Undershirts For Shoulder Sweating?

Sweat protection, or rather keeping sweat from penetrating through to an outer shirt, is a pretty big concern for those who sweat a bit more than the average person. Most who suffer from excessive sweating, do so in the underarm, chest, back, butt area, or hands and feet do to the concentration of sweat glands located in those areas. This reader, was looking for sweat-through protection in a different area of his body:

Hey Tug, I see that most sweatproof shirts are geared to controlling underarm sweat… my problem is I tend to sweat more at my shoulders..are there any shirts that offer more protection for that region?

Thanks, Aaaron

Undershirts With Sweat-Through Protective Shoulder Shields?

heya aaron,

good to hear from you buddy! thanks for stopping by my site and sending in your question!!

so unfortunately, there are no undershirts that have added sweat protection at the shoulders.

the closest product currently available would be sutran sweat through resistant undershirts, which has double layer protection — but it has double layer protection throughout the entire shirt. might be too much coverage for your needs.

but, there still may be a solution.

have you tried using high-performing antiperspirant wipes like the ones from sweatblock or kleinerts? they have more sweat protection than the antiperspirants you can get at the drug store, and they’re designed in a towelette form so it’s easy to apply the solution to different areas of the body, including shoulders.

now keep in mind, if you block the sweat glands on your shoulders, you may experience a bit of axillary sweating / hyperhidrosis in other areas. but, you’ll never know unless you give it a try.

what do you think? willing to give sweatblock antiperspirant wipes or kleinerts dry body wipes a try?

Going To Disney

Thanks for the reply Tug, never thought about those but will give them a try. I got a August trip to Disney World coming up and it’s gonna be a whole lot of sweating going on!!!


Hey Tug,

I did get the Sweatblock and they work perfect!..They will get their real test when I do my Disney trip..thanks for the advice!


Hyperhidrosis Resource Sites

For those interested in learning more about other possible solutions to help manage heavy or excessive sweating, you may find the following resource sites helpful:

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