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Color palates go out of style all the time. The general cycle looks like this:

  • A few people have a trend … we kind of like it.
  • Everyone gets on board and suddenly we love it!
  • We’re infatuated by it!
  • We have to wear it ALL THE TIME!
  • OH NO! Too much!
  • Shut up! Stop it! Don’t talk to us about it.
  • Ugh, ironic embarrassment for an entire decade.  Maybe two.
  • Has everyone forgotten? Oh thank god we can wear it again.

That is, unequivocally, the story of neon. The 1990’s saw a flood of neon. Shirts, pants, hats, gloves. If your clothes didn’t glow brighter than a highlighter than you were not aware that neon was it! IT! And then as the schedule above proved, it died a terrible death.

But now it’s 2014, almost 20 years since neon first illuminated our clothing, and the bright exciting colors we once craved day and night are back. And neon underwear was one of the first to take notice.

When it comes to dayglo apparel, look no further than Garcon Model. Their colors are rich, wild, and bring a sun-scorching sharpness to their contrasts. The Raleigh Briefs ($28.00) bring a glow to the waistband and piping while the Mansion Briefs ($28.00) bring the bright to the underwear body itself. The Ocean Boxers ($32.00) mix both worlds so the contrast between lining and cloth — both neon — pops as amazingly as one would expect.

The XVII Shades Briefs ($16.00) use neon over a black base to really enhance their black light effect. The little blue patterns pop in daylight or UV. Marco Marco has a similar intention in mind and they are certainly not afraid to show it, including the popular Neon Friendly UV light into the names. The Mesh-Back Black Light Briefs ($32.00) and the Geo Spiral Mesh Briefs ($32.00) are most definitely club-ready. As are the PUMP! Raver Briefs ($28.00). Here, the name really says it all. Techno music, dancing, fluidity, and of course, colors ready to explode under a black light.

If you’re looking for neon patterning as opposed to color blocking, then check out the Muchachomalo Men Short Print (24.95) which feature an array of bones and oddly shaped dogs in a neon contrast. Even the waistband gets into the dayglo mix here by combining shades of blue, green, and black for the neon look perfect for peeking out above your pants.

Of course, neon doesn’t always have to be so bright that it burns your retinas. The Nasty Pig Covert Jock ($25.00) has a shade of yellow designed to make bumblebees jealous (or undergo some kind of radioactive super bee treatment). And in the end, if you want a more refined (or reasonably portioned) amount of neon, then you can check out Piado’s Royal Lime Trunks ($14.00) or their Ignited Red Briefs ($14.00). Both bring a strong enhancement to their base colors without going supremely space age.

The same goes for the Teamm8 Racer Briefs ($28.92) where a blend of dayglo colors combine for a savvy look that’s not too overwhelming. Ditto for the Timoteo Proton Parisian Brief ($22.00), where a little bit of black and a little bit of green neon go a long way.

Did you wear neon in the 90s? Are you wearing neon right now? What’s your favorite neon color and contrast? Let us know with a comment below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

For More information on these Brands: Garcon Model, XVII Men, Timoteo, Teamm8, Piado, PUMP!, Nasty Pig, Muchachomalo, Marcomarco

Photo Credit: Garcon Model, XVII Men, Timoteo, Teamm8, Piado, PUMP!, Nasty Pig, Muchachomalo, Marcomarco.


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