Trend Story: 50 Shades Of Kelly Green

Remember back when the primary colors were just three simple shades? Red, yellow, and blue. Mix and match to get any variation, but those bases were always there. Thick or thin, sun or shine. Are you done remembering? Good. Now let it go. This is the era of 150 crayon colors and this week we’re in love with: KELLY GREEN!

We love it when colors themselves start trending. You’d think it would happen more often — with all this color blocking being so in — but actually it’s quite rare. Colors seem to be the overlooked red headed step child (which is fitting we think, since red is a color).  But we’re not talking red, we’re talking green, Kelly Green to be exact.

A bunch of our favorite brands are putting out some looks in this great new color. Best of all, Kelly Green seems to have a spectrum of lights and darks. We’ve compiled a few here, including two close seconds. Sure they aren’t Kelly Green, per say, but they are pretty darn close.

Now for a little history lesson! The name “kelly green” was invented in America. It utilized two themes easily identifiable as Irish: the color green and the surname Kelly. But don’t be fooled, the color itself dates back to 1917!

Famous incarnations of kelly green have included The Cavalier Drum and Bugle Corps, the Manhattan College, Marshall University, University of North Texas and University of North Dakota colors.

Kelly Green has also been dissed a few times too. It was dropped as the color of the Oakland A’s and the Philadelphia Eagles in 1995. In 1997 the New York Jets dropped it as well. Makes us wonder: what did Kelly Green do in 1994 to piss everyone off?

So come all ye greenhorns and grab yourself a pair of kelly green underwear. The color that ain’t going away no matter how many sports teams stick their nose out at it.

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For more information on these brands: aussieBum, Clever, Cocksox, Happy Socks, Ice Breaker, Lupo, Mossmann, Timoteo Wood

Photo Credits: aussieBum, Clever, Cocksox, Happy Socks, Ice Breaker, Lupo, Mossmann, Timoteo, Wood


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