Top 10 Briefs, From Sporty To Sexy

Erogenos Activewear

Guys who prefer briefs to boxers, or any other underwear style, usually do so because of the cut. Briefs give your legs space to move and your skin room to breathe. Most guys probably have a basic pair of briefs in their underwear drawer, more often than not a solid black or white. But just because briefs use little fabric doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of room for athletic charm or irresistible sex appeal. With that in mind, we chose our ten favorite briefs.

Some of our favorite briefs keep you covered with sporty contrasting colors. Some have bright bursts of color and others keep things muted and classy. Others are downright sexy and see-through, making the best uses of mesh, fishnet, or sheer. All of picks, though, are cut to be flattering, no matter how much of your body they show off or how easily they seduce.

Check out the gallery below to see our top 10 briefs. Do you prefer your briefs to be provocative, or casual? What is your favorite pair of briefs that you own? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: 2(X)IST, Andrew ChristianaussieBum, CocksoxGarçon Model, Good Devil, Gregg Homme, PUMP!, teamm8

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