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Myles Leask

Myles Leask, 25, started out as a private school boy who went on to land a career in IT recruitment. And if that doesn’t sound like the sexy man that led you to this post, we are right there with you. It wasn’t until Myles was entered into a modeling competition that his spicier career took off. He was named ‘Mr. Sexy Wales,’ and looking at his body, we can’t imagine it was a long journey to being named teamm8’s Mate of the Month for September.

In addition to his modeling, Myles is also an aspiring actor. He tells teamm8 that his game plan is “to live in the US as a working actor.” But first, Myles is working on getting his visa sorted out. Although given his impressive appearance on the cover of Men’s Fitness, we can easily imagine Myles making the journey over a reality once that’s done.

Later on in his interview, Myles Leaks gives us an answer we always love to hear. We asked him who his heroes were.

My heroes are my mum (yes I’m a mama’s boy) and Arnold Schwarzenegger,” he says, “as both people have achieved so much and believe that if you want it enough, anything is possible.”

Yes, we love when a guy appreciates Arnold… Kidding, of course. You just know a mama’s boy is prone to having his heart in the right place.  

Check out the gallery below to see more of Myles Leask, the teamm8 Mate of the Month for September. Do you remember seeing him on the cover of Men’s Fitness? Which of the shots below do you think makes him look the best? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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