Strip Down To Your Stripes

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Underwear looks with stripes are a casual way to break the mold of your underwear drawer. Stripes almost always pack a punch of color, sometimes a one-two punch. They can be thin as hairs or thick, solid bands of color. They can also run vertically or horizontally. And because stripes are such a versatile pattern, some of our top pics are sophisticated where the others are flirtatious and loud.

A good pair of underwear with stripes should be surprising more than anything. Because stripes are such a common pattern, our favorite striped undies all use smart and innovative color combinations. Either that or classic ones that are done to perfection through a high-quality brand with fashionable cuts. Our top striped underwear includes briefs, boxers, and trunks. Most are available in a variety of styles. But keep this in mind: the more material, the more room for the stripes to run.

Check out the gallery below to see of the best striped underwear available. Which of our top picks is your favorite? Do you own a lot of striped underwear looks? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpet.

For more information on these brands: Björn Borg, C-IN2, Charlie Dog Boxer Co., Frank Dandy, Mundo Unico, N2N, Papi

Photo Credit: Björn Borg, C-IN2, Charlie Dog Boxer Co., Frank Dandy, Mundo Unico, N2N, Papi


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