Spend The Morning With Quincey


Photographer Barry Marre spent an early morning with model Quincey. As Quincey slowly rises from bed in nothing but his white briefs, Barry is able to capture him in his most intimate moments. Going back and forth between white and black and colored images, we get an inside glimpse into Quincey’s morning routine.

The photo shoot is very sensual because it reveals the many angles of Quincey’s gorgeously toned body, from reflections in the mirror to close ups of his rippling back and sexy contoured clavicles. We are fully immersed into his morning as we watch him get ready from a distance. He changes between a few pairs of underwear to none at all, and even teases us with long athletic socks.

Quincey attempts to get dressed, but it’s hard to when your bed and who is in it keeps calling you back.  After seeing this photo shoot, we would never want Quincey to leave our sides. Which intimate morning moment did you enjoy the most? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Barry Marre


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