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Shrine Boxers

Shrine Boxers aim to keep a man stylish, cool, and comfortable. They are designed with the active man in mind, and they’re customizable. But what separates them even further from athletic ranges of underwear is that they also hold fashion in high regard. Combining casual, performance, and date night, Shrine Boxers are not only for the active man, but the sensible and fashionable one as well.

“At Shrine Boxers, we believe your package is sacred,” said founder and creator Rob Leuffen. “And trust me, you’ll worship the comfort.”


It all started with a wedgie.

“I was stuck on a long and uncomfortable return flight from an amazing trip to Brazil,” said Rob. “But as I sat on this plane, with a serious wedgie, swamp ass and uncomfortable chaffing, I realized that I didn’t have a brand of underwear that could keep up with me. I needed something I could wear no matter what I got myself into … whether that’s an international adventure or my daily routine of going to work then straight to the gym.”

Many men know what it is like to cope with underwear that can’t keep up. They own pairs they know are good for the gym, and others they’ve learned the hard way not to wear when breaking a sweat. It’s true, work pairs of underwear are often the opposite of gym pairs. But with Shrine Boxers, their approach is meant to close that gap. And not just close the gap, but seal it in a unique and attractive way. That is where the customization comes into play.

“The waistband is the most visible part of the boxer, so why not make it as bold and unique as you are?” Rob explained. “There are some really creative people out there, and we’ve used social media to connect with them so we all can benefit from those creative forces. We’ve made it easy for everyone by building an online tool so you can ‘Design Your Shrine.'”

This added factor of customization lets Shrine Boxers provide a product as unique as possible. With that freedom, we can imagine pairs being perfectly versatile at all stages of the day. Maybe you would design them to be more active looking, or more trendy. Either way, Shrine Boxers is the first brand to let fans design and vote on the next style to be made as part of a limited-run production.

“We’ve just launched our first “Underwear Design Challenge” and I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone creates. The winner will be picked by our Kickstarter backers and the momentum will grow from there!”

Only time will tell how quickly that momentum will grow. But as an e-commerce company, Shrine Boxers can offer premium underwear at a lower price point and without addition shipping costs. That, along with their innovative ‘Design Your Shrine’ tool, should speed things up.

Would you be interested in a pair of underwear that is suitable for the gym and the office? Do you have any underwear dream designs stored away that you could use to customize a pair of Shrine Boxers? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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