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Jack Adams is an underwear brand for a guy’s guy. Their underwear and activewear designs, while stylish and sexy, are consistently masculine and supportive, designed to keep a man comfortable and looking good. With that, the brand aims to produce looks a man would wear again and again for a variety of situations and lifestyles.

“Our process in designing any product is to actually talk to our retailers and consumers to see what they want as well as what they feel is coming in the future in an ever changing retail environment,” said Ron Miller, Jack Adams president. “We follow fabric trends and work directly with our suppliers to think outside the box in helping us work on new styles.”

If you own any Jack Adams looks, you’ve felt this blend of function and fashion, and seen how the two are one in the same. Jack Adams products do not come with extra gimmicks or superfluous details to dress them up. Instead, Jack Adams makes the functional fashionable. This is what keeps the brand’s aesthetic as being masculine and active rather than flirty or distracting.

That being said though, Jack Adams is “defined by the man who wears it.”

“Jack Adams designs, manufactures and distributes innovative and sexy underwear and activewear for the masculine, self-aware man with a desire for constant self-improvement,” said Miller. “He lives to teach, effect change and inspire those around him.”

No matter when or where you sport your Jack Adams underwear or activewear, you’ll be rocking a sexy and athletic look that is understated and masculine. And a guy who wears Jack Adams is a guy you can feel safe taking apparel pointers from.

Miller then goes on to add: “The product line includes fashionable yet functional underwear, shorts, tanks and outerwear. Jack Adams consistently raises the bar by introducing new products that fit perfectly into your every day, active lifestyle.”

Do you rely on Jack Adams more for you underwear, or activewear? When do you wear your Jack Adams underwear? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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