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gh1A lot of love goes in to making Gregg Homme one of the hottest brands around. Sex appeal comes to mind before anything else when thinking of their products. From their masculine, kinky looks to their feminine, skimpy ones, every collection is touched by a lustful tinge. Each is also made from luxurious, high-quality materials.

As the brand site puts it, they’ve been (un)dressing us for 25 years. And it’s no wonder. Gregg Homme underwear feels so good that we want it on at all times. The only problem is that they look so good, they usually don’t stay on for long.

“All of us at Gregg Homme are passionate about the product and share the same vision, and when everything is made under one roof I am able to observe and keep track of everyone’s progress and well-being,” said Eric Boisvert, owner of Gregg Homme. “We do not outsource our production, and trust me If I did I would make better margins and I would be a lot richer! But that’s not the point.”

Rather, the point is quality. And the aforementioned sex appeal, a lot of it.

The entire production and design process for GH products takes place entirely in Canada. For Eric Boisvert, this means a better grasp on the brand as a whole, from the materials being used to the provocative and playful designs being cut from them.

“A predominant amount of my inspiration comes directly from the fabric itself. Usually, I’ll see a fabric that I love, and then an idea for a certain style will develop in my head,” said Boisvert. “Gregg Homme is all about the feel and texture of the fabric. I am attracted and tend to focus on material that is unique and complex, but that feels amazing to the touch. Once I find something that has potential, a bunch of ideas will begin to blossom in my head.”

Following these unique materials bring us to the root of the brand’s erotic reputation. After all, what makes their looks so attractive and sexual is that they’re surprising. Cutouts on underwear looks are one thing, and we’ve seen them on a few other brands. But with Gregg Homme, the cutouts get intricate, like on the Blacklace Collection, or more primal like on the Panther Collection. With their unique designs, it’s like your jaw and your knees are racing to hit the floor. And then there are the materials which is another story entirely.

“You’ll see that a lot of our styles are pretty extreme, but surprisingly they work and this is why we are still here after 25 years,” Boisvert said. “I’m never sure if it’s a ‘good’ idea but I love to take risks so I’ll put my thoughts onto paper, and watch it come into fruition when we create a sample… It’s important to take chances because an idea can exist only as an idea — but once it is developed and put into action, its chances for success are significantly increased.”


It makes sense that daring designs have proven to be the brand’s breath of life. Hands down, it is what sets Gregg Homme apart from other brands. And even though they are extreme, men keep coming back to the brand and venturing into uncharted underwear territory.

So what kind of man is Gregg Homme after? Surely not every man has what it takes to pull of a Gregg Homme look. And by that we mean the confidence to step into a GH look, not the body.

“Gregg Homme does not target a specific kind of man. The typical Gregg Homme man is not straight, he is not gay, he is not feminine or masculine, he is not shy or sexy, not small or big. He is neither of these things because he is all of these things,” Boisvert explained. “To sum it up: the Gregg Homme man is comfortable with his body and his sexuality, likes to have fun but does so in style and comfort.”

What is your favorite Gregg Homme collection? Is GH your go-to brand when exploring your own sex appeal? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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