Papi’s 5 Boldest Looks For Fall


We love to make a silent statement with our underwear, and we are betting most of you out there do too. But the tricks you had up your sleeve — or rather, in your pants — for the Spring won’t say a lot in the Fall. Papi has fashion looks that are bold enough to keep your style elevated. From color choices to patterns, there are many attractive, bold things to be said by this brand.

A lot of our choices are made because of color. Each one is sharp enough to grab anyone’s attention. They’re colors that, if you saw them in your peripheral version, you would have to investigate further. The same goes for some of Papi’s patterns. That’s why we had to double-dip on their new Hispanic Heritage Collection.

Check out the gallery below for what we think are the five boldest looks from Papi to wear this Fall. Which of the five is your favorite? Is there a pair we missed that you think is bolder? Let us know in the comments, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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