Pablo Hernandez Is Put On The Spot

In the latest Andrew Christian installment, “On The Spot With Sebastian Diego Featuring Trophy Boy Pablo Hernandez,” one of our favorite Andrew Christian models spills a giant cup of T filled with his dirty little secrets.

Host Sebastian Diego collected questions from Pablo’s Facebook fans, and they did not hold back. Sebastian broke the ice by asking the most probing questions, such as what Pablo’s preferred position is. Always a classy lady, Pablo had a very slick answer that you’ll have to hear for yourself.  He then went on to ask Pablo how he grew over the years as a model and Pablo answered by saying, “practice makes perfect.”

Taking note of the Almost Naked Dare Jock Pablo is wearing, Diego pries into how Pablo’s butt became so perfect. As we told you, he shares his dirty secrets, and may share his favorite workout secret at the end.

See the entire video below and then tell us what you would have asked Pablo by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

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Photo/Video Credit: Andrew Christian

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