The N2N Classic Cotton Collection In Crimson And Yellow


The N2N Classic Cotton Collection feels classic, looks classic, is classic. The highlighted crimson and yellow looks include a Jock ($16.00), G-string ($15.00), Bikini ($16.00), Pouch Brief ($19.00), Pouch Boxer ($19.00) and Boxster ($18.00). The fabric on each look in the N2N classic Cotton Collection is made from – you guessed it – cotton, with 10% spandex thrown in to make sure the looks cling to your sides and hold you in place with affirming ease. Even better, all six looks are designed with that now famous Nhanced pouch that was designed with our exact shape in mind.

Each look in the N2N Classic Collection was made and dyed in-house. That means that quality was a high priority, as was the resilience of the look’s bright colors. The jock, pouch brief and boxer, and boxster each have a semi-wide black waistband with the N2N logo stitched in just below the navel, while the G-string and bikini let the fabric do the work. Those two looks have stitching on the side to increase the hold. Movement is the maximum focus with the N2N Classic Cotton Collection and you won’t be surprised to find that all pairs in the look fit like a glove no matter what you’re doing.

The N2N Classic Cotton Collection is available in crimson and yellow (and also black and white) and in sizes S-XL.

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