Model Of The Week: Nelson Marin

IMG_5568-1DOB: May 20, 1989

Relationship Status: Taken

Astrological Sign: Taurus

Height: 5′ 5”

Weight: 145

Waist Size: 29

Shoe Size: 9

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Ethnicity: Latino






We already spoke with Marvin [Garcia] and he told us you both started modeling for Baskit at the same time.

Yeah, we both met Rich through a Mankind fashion show. He approached us about the project and whatnot.

Marvin also mention you had more experience. Who did you model with prior to jumping onboard with Baskit?

I used to do a lot of figure modeling in Los Angeles, modeling for a lot of art schools.

What is it like getting to model with Marvin? Does it bring chemistry onto the set easily?

Well, with photography in general you always want to bring a sense of self. And so when we do photography as a couple, it’s important that we’re both comfortable. You definitely want to bring the chemistry. The more comfortable we are shows in the photo and the more believable it will be.

Speaking about that believability, do you think Baskit markets themselves in a way that makes them stand out from other underwear brands?

I think the last campaign that we did was more different. They wanted it to be candid, and definitely the couple shots. I think the overall aspect of it all had a candid feel to it.

Are there any photographers you especially enjoyed working with?

When I used to live in LA, I worked with a few photographers for an art collaboration for my portfolio and theirs. One that me and Marvin did last with a photographer named Nick Lavelle, and he used his studio to take pictures of our movement talents, like my martial arts and Marvin’s dancing background. That was one of my favorite photography experiences.

What is your favorite Baskit collection or look and why?

My favorites are those Just /b/ Briefs. I love the colors and the cut is really nice and they’re comfortable.

What do you look for in the perfect pair of underwear?

For me what stands out is the color, some brands just have awkward hues. The fit is important, and how so is how the material looks.

What do you think Marvin brings to the table that you don’t?

I feel like everybody brings something different. I would say his ability to be candid. He has a natural whimsy to him so it makes the process so much easier so you can get into that nonchalant  comfortable mode a lot faster. It just makes modeling with him that much more enjoyable.

Are there any quirks to your personality that you think people would get a kick out of?

We are not very shy when it comes to our affection so people can be kind of surprised. We both also go go dance for our nightlife, so…

Yeah, Marvin told us that he liked to dance.

That he does. Like would be an understatement. I tell people that music often possesses him.

What comes next for your modeling career? Do you hope to continue with Baskit? Are there projects you hope to get involved in?

I would definitely love to keep modeling with Baskit, and I would definitely do more martial arts and active movements are more of my passion. I would like to do more projects along that type of area. You have to tine your movement with the photographer to try and capture that perfect frame.

Photo Credit: Rich Mackey


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