Model Of The Week: Marvin Garcia

Marvin Garcia

Modeling was an unexpected turn of events for Marvin Garcia. During our interview with the Baskit model, he shares that he never really saw modeling as a career path. He even goes on to laugh a little, and admit that he sometimes finds it to be boring. But what’s really cool about Marvin’s modeling career is that he gets to share it with another model, Nelson Marin.

Marvin and Nelson are currently dating. They were discovered at the same time by photographer Rich Mackey, and now the two model together as well as on their own. Marvin tells us that Nelson has been in the modeling game longer than he has. But just because Marvin Garcia is a fresh face doesn’t mean he can’t work it like the other men.

During our interview with Marvin, we talk about his experiences modeling for Baskit and what it’s like to share a photo shoot with your boyfriend. We also talk about Marvin himself, from his other career paths to shameless hobbies.


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