Make It Glow: Cody Schnepp By Jerrad Matthew


In a stunning new photo editorial by master photographer Jerrad Matthew, the Timoteo Proton Glow collections lights up the camera and the night.

Even Atoms Get Their Own Underwear: The Timoteo Proton Glow Collection 

Model Cody Schnepp shows off the many looks found in the Proton Glow including, the Booty Thong, Super Low, Parisian Brief, Trainer Jock and Athlete Jock. We are always impressed by Matthew’s sharp eye when it comes to photographing men’s underwear. Depending on the style of underwear, he knows how to make it pop visually. For this photo shoot, the focus is solely on the glowing aspects of the white and black underwear. The blues, oranges, greens and whites all look like they are literally lit up. The ombré grey background really maximizes on the “glow” in the undies and we love the multiple angled shots of the underwear.

Not only dos this editorial show off the power of the Proton Glow collection, but it also highlights every cut in Cody’s body. You may recognize him from Underwear Nation’s Fresh Issue, and boy are glad he’s back on our blog. Once again his smoldering stare and ripped body has gotten our hearts racing!

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For more information on the brand: Timoteo

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew

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